17 Jan 2013

You mean we

You start, on the next line. OK. Go on then. Er, OK: here I start. With what? With what? Yes - with what are you starting? You tell me! OK: how about, I don't know. Yes; OK; I don't know. Yes, I like that. Me too: I'm warming to it already, and it's only just begun. It is without doubt, your best yet. You think so. I've yet to see you do better; yet to be so quickly and firmly, convinced. Well, yes, but what about yesterday's I won't know - it had a certain swing to it no? Yes, but it lacked the panache of .... The panache?! Yes - the panache. OK, panache. Where was I - yes, the panache of I don't know. You know you're right: there's far too much going on in I won't know: you really know where you are with I don't know. You do? I think so. So, where are we? Well, I don't know, and I won't know until we stop and look at what we've done. You mean we. I do.

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